Your Natural Skincare Solution

CHARLOT Beauty was created during the pandemic. After a period of stress and depression. In 2019 my skin was breaking out so badly. I would always have to wear tons of makeup to cover it. While I’m at home I made it my goal to take care of my skin.

I knew about turmeric mask before and used to make it on my days off. Now that I have the time, I made it every day, apply it over my face. And scrub twice a week. I started to see results in the first 3 days, within the first month my face was completely cleared up. I was amazed. And I said to myself that’s something I can do to help others.

I was always into skincare since I’ve always struggled with my skin. I used to say one day I would like to have a skincare line. But never thought this dream was going to come true so soon, and I was going to create the products myself.

I started doing my research on how to create a skincare line. I even thought of hiring a chemist. Then, a sudden voice told me to do it yourself. Who? Me? “I don’t know anything about skincare.That’s not my field.” I said. But I listened.

As I was doing more research, the formulation for each product were downloading in my spirit. I felt like I got it. I ordered the ingredients and the things I needed. I made my first batch of the turmeric soaps and mask. This is how CHARLOT Beauty was created in less than a week. The first two weeks I sold for over $2000. I invested the money to create more products.

My goal is to continue to create non toxic, safe, natural skincare. If it can’t go inside of your body, it can’t go to your skin.